My family really enjoy the Large Steak Pies because they remind us of back home. All the family used to get together on New Year’s Eve and we would all enjoy a Steak Pie dinner.


My favourite product at the Wandering Scott would have to be Baxter’s Pickled Beetroot simply because whenever it was anybody in my family’s birthday we would always have a little “Tea Party” style get together with our whole family. Instead of a set meal we would do a spread of various snack type foods, and even as a child I would always go for the Beetroot over the Party Rings or crisps!


Seeing Sherbet Fountains, Chocolate Buttons, Flying Saucers, Jelly Babies and other sweets at The Wandering Scott brings back nostalgic memories of Primary School days in England. I remember running out of school and dashing into the sweet shop with a few pennies or a sixpenny piece in my school uniform pocket, hopeful of buying some much anticipated sweets. With one eye lookin gout for the red double decker bus which would be along any minute to take me nearer to home, I would buy my 2 ounces of Jelly Babies, and maybe a Sherbet Fountain if I had enough money. These I would share with my sister as we rode the bus toward home before trudging up the long hill to finally reach our house. Sometimes, I would forfeit the bus ride home using the fare money instead to buy a packet of tasty Chocolate Buttons, or a halfpenny of fizzy Flying Saucers!

As I walk around The Wandering Scott looking at the great selection of sweets and biscuits it certainly takes me back to halcyon days as a child growing up in England. What wonderful memories!


I was recently taken on a trip down ‘Memory Lane’ by Wendy, our manager, when she ordered some “Freddo’s” for the first time. Freddo’s are small chocolate bars in the shape of a frog, made by Cadbury’s – the best chocolate in the world. When my son was 13 (he is now 21) he did a morning paper route back home in England before school, on his bike. On a Sunday morning the papers were so bulky with supplements etc., that my son would have to do his delivery in at least 3 trips so my husband would drive him and he would deliver from the car. My husband’s reward for doing this for him every week? Two Freddo’s!!


When I first walked through the doors of The Wandering Scott, I was so excited to see the shelves filled with many of my favourite products I used to buy in England. Especially the Walker’s Prawn Cocktail crisps and the Milky Way bars. It made me realize how fortunate I was to come across The Wandering Scott. Seeing the Prawn Cocktail crisps and Milky Way bars brought back happy memories of when I would go food shopping with my Mum to Asda or Morrisons. I would ask her to buy me these for a special treat, if I had been either good or helpful. Being reunited with the food I was brought up with made me feel like I was back in England.


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